Let us enhance your corporate image and help you promote your organization.  Custom embroidery and screen printing gives you a professional appearance while reinforcing your business brand recognition. Your staff will be easily recognized when displaying embroidered and screen printed apparel. Wearing custom embroidery and screen printing will advertise your business wherever you go at an affordable price! We are here for all of your embroidery and screen printing needs. We can help you choose company shirts that meet your needs and fit your budget. Give us a call and we'll help you get started.


Look professional with your custom embroidered logo on your shirts.  Have an event coming up?  Screen printed shirts are great for teams and events.  Give us a call at 727-846-1965 and we'll be happy to discuss your apparel needs.  We can help you with the most cost effective way to get your custom logo on your shirts.  We are also available through email keywest@suncoastprinting.com or stop by and see our showroom.

Custom Embroidery and Screen Printing

 is a great way to promote your business and keep your employees looking professional.  Embroidery is customized to meet your individual needs.  We can embroider on all different styles and items. Embroidery is mostly used for polo shirts, golf shirts, hats and jackets.  Check out our online apparel catalog to see what we have or stop by and see our showroom.  We can even embroider on items that you supply.  If you have any question, please give us a call, 727-846-1965.


Embroidery Set-Up

We must first set up your custom logo for embroidery by re-drawing it in stitches (digitizing) in order to embroider your logo.

Digitizing set-up fee also includes a sew out (sample) of your design for approval before we start sewing it.  Once the design is set up, you won't have to pay for the digitizing set-up when re-ordering.  Give us a call, 727-846-1965, or email us your logo and we'll let you know how much the digitizing set-up fee will be for your custom design.

*Digitizing set-up fee will be charged if you have changes to the design on future orders.


Embroidery is customized to your individual needs.  We will be happy to give you a quote.  Call us at 727-846-1965 or email us at keywest@suncoastprinting.com

We'll be happy to work with you and help you place an order!

Embroidery Sample

Screen Printing

Screen Printing is a printmaking technique that creates an image using a screen.  This is the most common application for t-shirts and sweatshirts. It works best when you want to fill large areas like the full front or back of shirts.  Screen Printing is ideal for large orders of t-shirts or polo shirts.

From simple one color t-shirts to multi-colored hoodies, we help our clients bring their designs to life on the garment of their choice. From our minimum order of 12 pieces to thousands of pieces, we provide the experience you need to develop your garment.

Minimum order quantities apply to screen printing based on the number of colors in the design.  Call us for more details, 727-846-1965.


Screen Printing Set-Up

Our set-up fee's are $20.00 for the first screen preparation and $10.00 for additional screens.  This is a one time screen set-up fee.  When you re-order your design, we will not charge you another set-up fee (unless you are changing the design).

Please keep in mind that each color requires a separate screen.  Also, if you are printing front and back, each side will require different screens.

Feel free to email us your design and we'll let you know how many screens it will require.

Screen Printed T-Shirt Prices

Although we print on many different styles of shirts, t-shirts are the most common screen printed item.  Below are the prices for our most popular t-shirts.  If you looking for a different shirt style, brand or quantity, give us a call, 727-846-1965 for a custom quote.


Prices include the cost of the screen printing and shirt.  Prices are for sizes small to extra-large.

For size 2X, add $2.00 per shirt, 3X add $3.00 per shirt, size 4X or 5X add $4.00 per shirt.

Sizes S–XL  •  Size 2X add $2.00  •  Size 3X add $3.00  •  Size 4X & 5X add $4.00

If you would like another shirt style, brand or quantity just call or email us.

We would be happy to give you a custom quote.

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